Our First Ever Thanksgiving at Camelot!

We had our first ever Thanksgiving in the Common House at Camelot on Thursday! It was most excellent. I realized many things, such as,
  • We are already a community (thanks to all the meetings and parties and other events).
  • The Common House is HUGE. It does not look big from the outside, but there is so much usable space inside.
  • The Common House is very well-designed. We had plenty of winter sunlight from the south-facing wall with plenty of glass. And in the summer all the heat will stay out because of the angle of the roof. Good use of passive solar principles.
  • The kids had a great time playing in the kids' rooms and the noise stayed out of the main room.
  • The kitchen is awesome! I love the big gleaming stainless steel commercial ranges.
  • I wanna go home. Right now.


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